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Bananas within reach in households and schools

In March 2018, 504 banana shoots were donated to 179 people; among them 172 women from the intervention zone of the Hubi and Vinciane Foundation.

Christine SERO – A banana tree for every woman

I am 35 years old, I am SERO Christine married and mother of 4 children and I live in the village of Korobororou.

Financial Report – 2018

The income – the spending – the result

Three women entrepreneurs financed by the Foundation in Benin

DJATO Adiatou – BONI KOTO Eudoxie – LAFIA Cathérine

Morelle CAPOCHICHI – gynaecologe

I am 43 years old, wife Tchassaman and mother of 5 children including 1 boy of 17 years old and 4 girls.

Donation of books to 4 colleges

The donation of large book packages on October 31, 2018 to four colleges is part of the foundation’s school program and is used to furnish libraries.

Challenge 2020 – Thanks to the Foundation

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