History of the projects

We are happy to give you an overview of completed projects.

Balanced diet

  • Malnutrition in hospitals – treatment, social assistant, garden and canteen
  • Innovation center, Center Innov’Action Parakou
  • Project Malnutrition in 47 villages, municipality of N’Dali


  • Solar panel installations
  • Lodging and sanitary facilities for hosting family members, “taking care of the sick”
  • Hôpital le plus Propre (The cleanest hospital)
  • Construction of a hospital gardens
  • Furnishing of the hospital canteen
  • Sound second hand medical and paramedical equipment
  • Accommodation for foreign visitors – trainees and missions
  • Purchase of an all-terrain vehicle
  • Construction and installation of paediatrics and gynaecology services
  • Expansion of the two partner hospitals
  • Capacity strengthening of the two partner hospitals


  • Sanitary block in the schools
  • Construction of a building with classrooms
  • Wells in primary schools
  • School gardens and food training
  • Construction of the orphanage Dam Koosiabu
  • Water well at the orphanage Dam Koosiabu
  • Functional and operational support for the orphanage Dam Koosiabu


  • Banana project – a banana plant for every woman
  • Installations for rearing farm animals
  • Training in the making of honey
  • Construction of warehouses in the villages
  • Breeding goats in stables
  • Program soybean cultivation
  • Rice cultivation programme
  • Irrigation network for the vegetable garden