Water and Electricity for Health Centers

“Water is life,” said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Yet, many health centers in Benin, including those in our operational area, operate without potable water. Electricity is another major issue, with several centres still lacking power. Good healthcare is impossible without clean water and electricity. Therefore, the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation invests in water and electricity supplies for various health centres.

The Foundation aims to improve the healthcare quality by providing water and electricity to medical centres. Additionally, nearby residents can benefit from the water supply.

We install wells with solar-powered pumps and water towers with two tanks for storage. One tank supplies water for the medical centre’s various needs. The other tank serves the community, offering water for a small fee. These fees are entirely saved for the maintenance of the installation.

In the future, we plan to install solar panels on buildings to ensure a constant energy supply for the centres.

Four out of twenty health centres in our area have a well with a water tower and two tanks. Solar panel installations are only on the roofs of the Saint-Jean-de-Dieu hospital in Boko, providing enough energy for five out of eight departments. We are actively seeking funding to also equip the medical centres with green energy.

Key partners in this project include the King Baudouin Foundation (Water) and Energy Assistance, a non-profit organization founded by ENGIE Group employees.

Energy Assistance installs solar panels in Boko’s hospital

Energy Assistance reinforces the conventional energy of the Boko hospital with photovoltaic panels and batteries