A New Maternity Ward for Boko

The Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital in Boko is one of our key partners in Benin, and we have been supporting this hospital for decades. Despite our many investments in better infrastructure, technical equipment, and staff training, the need for additional support remains significant.

Currently, the maternity ward is facing severe challenges. With an occupancy rate of over 150%, the ward averaged 45 patients daily in 2023, despite only 22 beds. This means some patients end up in other departments or, worse, in hallways or even outside on examination tables or mattresses. This situation is unsustainable.

The construction of the new maternity ward aims to provide more and higher-quality hospitalization options for patients. Additionally, it will significantly improve the working conditions for doctors and nursing staff.

The new maternity clinic will have 100 beds and cater to pregnant women or women with gynaecological issues. In addition to the maternity ward, the new building will house the neonatology and gynaecological surgery departments. The expected construction cost is budgeted at 300,000 euros. Once the building is completed, medical equipment will be purchased.

The province of West Flanders is financing more than a third of the construction costs. An additional 140,000 euros is needed to complete the new maternity ward. Fundraising efforts are in full swing.

Province of West Flanders
The proceeds of “A leg up for Benin – 2024” on the occasion of the Leuven End-of-Year Corrida on 29 December 2024 will go entirely to this project.

If you would like to contribute (figuratively) to the expansion of the maternity ward, you can do so by donating one of the following:

  • 25 euros for a baby scale
  • 50 euros for a delivery
  • 75 euros for a mother-child starter kit
  • 150 euros as a contribution for an incubator (costs 1000 euros)
  • Or any other amount of your choice

Donate online or make a deposit into account BE14 7865 8929 4683 of the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation with the message “new maternity ward + your name + national register number“.

Please note: from 2024, filling in the National Register Number is mandatory to obtain a tax certificate.

A new maternity unit for the Saint-Jean-de-Dieu hospital in Boko

The latter service is bursting at the seams. In four years, the number of patients has doubled, going from 1229 to 2447

Morelle CAPOCHICHI – gynaecologe

I am 43 years old, wife Tchassaman and mother of 5 children including 1 boy of 17 years old and 4 girls.