History of Education Projects

Gemeente Bierbeek
De Casino - Sint Niklaas

Sanitary block in the schools

Location: the communes of Tchaourou and N’Dali
Budget per block: 3 500 euros
(support from Casino, Municipality of Bierbeek)

Construction of a building with classrooms

Location: primary school in the village of Gandou Noma
Partner: Turing Foundation
Budget: 35 000 euros ( co-financing Turing Foundation )

Well in primary school

Location: Gandou Noma
Budget: 6 000 euros (Hubi & Vinciane Foundation)

Lions Club Leuven Erasmus
De Casino - Sint Niklaas

School gardens and food training

Location: schools Tchaourou and N’Dali
Partner: education department Borgou
Budget: 2 500 euros per garden
(Casino, Lions Club Leuven)

Construction of the orphanage Dam Koosiabu

Location: Boko
Budget: 15 000 euros (Hubi & Vinciane Foundation)

Water well orphanage Dam Koosiabu

Location: Boko
Partner: City of Antwerp
Budget: 12 000 euros
(co-financing City of Antwerp)

Functional and operational support orphanage Dam Koosiabu

Location: Boko
Partner: 5ième Monde, Bruxelles
Budget: yearly 5 000 euros (5ième Monde)