Construction of Toilets and Handwashing Facilities

Many primary schools in our area of operation face a challenge due to the complete absence of sanitary facilities. Without toilets, students and teachers are forced to make do on the school grounds.

The lack of water makes handwashing impossible, with all the hygienic consequences that entails. Under these conditions, adhering to hygiene rules is a significant challenge.

With the Foundation, we aim to provide the necessary sanitary facilities so that schools can create a healthy and hygienic environment for their students and staff.

For several years, the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation has been constructing toilet buildings for students and staff, with a particular focus on large schools in remote areas. Additionally, we ensure that everyone at the school has access to handwashing facilities.

We have already installed TippyTaps in about fifty schools. These simple constructions are made from locally available materials such as a clean 5-liter can, four sticks, a rope, and soap. Thanks to these toilets and TippyTaps, students and teachers can practice hygiene measures.

So far, the Foundation has managed to build toilet buildings in just over a quarter of its partner schools (approximately one hundred primary schools in total). However, the need remains great. Not only are there schools that still lack toilets, but even schools that do have them could use more. Additionally, the lack of drinking water in schools remains a serious problem.

Clean water for school!

You cannot live without pure water. Unfortunately, many Beniners today do not yet have access to clean water.