Since its creation, the Hubi & Vinciane Foundation has invested in strengthening and optimizing its two partner hospitals, Saint-Martin in Papané and Saint-Jean-de-Dieu in Boko. Indeed, without an adequate technical framework, the hospitals could not guarantee the necessary care to their patients.

The Foundation constantly works to improve its infrastructure, equipment and staff training. Today, both hospitals are recognized as reference hospitals for their respective areas of operation (Tchaorou and Parakou-N’Dali).

Soins de Santé

Our goal is to help our hospitals provide better health care by strengthening their technical equipment and the skills of their staff.

Every year, we invest a minimum of 50,000 euros in the two hospitals, where we are also members of the governing body. This funding allows them to carry out larger infrastructure works and optimize their technical equipment. Moreover, they regularly receive donations from various donors in Belgium for all kinds of medical equipment (surgical, medical imaging, lab, examination tables, hospital beds, etc.).

Thanks to our good relations with the local health department, we have also regularly donated equipment to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire et Départemental du Borgou for several years.

We also support in-service training for the hospitals’ medical staff through scholarships or other funding elsewhere in Benin or in Belgium. We also support international cooperation, especially the missions of Belgian doctors who come to operate in the hospitals.

Finally, we facilitate the many Belgian medical, midwifery, nursing, and nutrition students who want to do internships in Benin.

Despite the efforts already made, the need for support continues to grow, given the ever-increasing number of patients.

Several larger projects have already been realized, such as the construction of the pediatric ward and the maternity ward, the complete renovation of the operating room, a passerelle between the maternity and the operating room, the new recovery, sanitary facilities, the outdoor kitchen and the lodge for relatives of the sick, the construction of the lodge for foreign doctors and trainees, etc. And every year, we send two to four containers of medical equipment.

  • Several universities and colleges, such as KU Leuven, Odysee, U Antwerpen, U Hasselt, ULB and UCLL;
  • hospitals, such as AZ Jan Portaels in Vilvoorde, ZNA in Antwerp, Europaziekenhuizen in Brussels, AZ Delta in Roeselare, Heilig Hart Hospital in Leuven, UZ Gasthuisberg in Leuven,
  • companies such as Barthels in Hasselt, VitalAire in Zemst, Liantis, Het Vlaams Kruis, Goed
  • and numerous physiotherapists, radiologists, pneumologists, gynaecologists who donate material to us entirely selflessly.