Clean water for the school!

Since healthy food and hygiene are inextricably linked, we also work with the Foundation on hygiene in the schools. And with clean water, there is hygiene. How else can you wash your hands regularly? How do you wash fruits and vegetables? How do you cook healthy meals? How do you wash the dishes?

Moreover, the water is also essential for the school vegetable gardens where fruits and vegetables are grown for the students.

With the “Clean Water for Schools” project, we want to ensure that all the schools we work with have access to clean water.

Schools that do not yet have clean water are counting on students and teachers to bring water to school. Every day, everyone must bring a container with water. That water is not always pure. Indeed, in the absence of wells, they have to get water from rivers or pools. Nevertheless, they have no choice but to use that water for drinking, washing hands and cooking in the school canteens.

It is also impossible to establish vegetable gardens in those schools, where fruits and vegetables can be grown for students’ meals.

So constructing a well means a world of difference for the schools. From now on, students can drink pure water, there is water to wash hands and flush toilets, and they can plant a vegetable garden.

A committee of teachers, parents, and local representatives is responsible for maintaining and managing the well. Indeed, villagers can also use the well. They pay a small fee, which is set aside for possible repairs.

Thanks to the investments of various partners, the Foundation has already provided some fifteen elementary schools with clean water. In total, just over 60% of the hundred or so elementary schools we work with now have their well.

Rotary Foundation

We will be able to construct six more wells by 2024, funded by the Rotary Foundation’s Global Grant.

We dream that all our partner schools will eventually have access to clean water and, by extension, the surrounding communities as well.

You can still continue to support this project. Choose what you want to contribute:

  • Tippy tap” hand washing system : 20 euros
  • Awareness campaign in one school : 50 euros
  • Contribution to a sanitary block (cost 1000 euros) : 100 euros
  • Contribution to a water well (cost 7000 euros) : 250 euros


Or transfer your contribution to the following account BE14 7865 8929 4683 with the mention: “Clean water + your name“.

Mon école, une école propre

Clean water for school!

You cannot live without pure water. Unfortunately, many Beniners today do not yet have access to clean water.