Natural Family Planning

In Benin, especially in rural areas, poverty remains a persistent problem partly due to the lack of awareness about birth control. Family planning or Desired Maternity is still little known and accepted in these rural communities.

This project aims to inform and raise awareness among as many women as possible about the different methods of birth control, both natural and medical, and encourage them to apply these methods.

Our employees organize information and awareness sessions on various family planning methods. Women who choose medical methods are referred to medical centers. Those who opt for natural family planning or Desired Maternity are guided by our certified trainers, both men and women.

A team of six male trainers focuses on raising awareness among men, while nine female trainers concentrate on educating and supporting women over a three-month period.

Currently, the project is being implemented in about fifteen villages in the communes of Tchaourou and N’dali, where we have already reached nearly 70 women. Our goal for 2024 is to double this number. Within five years, we aim to inform at least half of the participants in our agricultural and food projects. This can only be achieved by increasing our team of certified trainers. Expanding the project to other villages will undoubtedly contribute to better family planning and poverty reduction.

We collaborate with the NGOs Desired Maternity Switzerland and Valais Solidaire Switzerland.

Motherhood by Design – Foundation Action Plan

The importance of family planning cannot be overstated. Young women who become pregnant drop out of school, with all the consequences for their future