“Balanced Nutrition” program in schools

In 2001 the Foundation started (at the request of the hospital staff) a small educational project in four primary schools near the two hospitals. Each school received 5,000 euros of support to address the most important needs, including tutoring, classrooms, wells and canteens.

Gradually, the number of schools expanded and cooperation with some secondary schools in the region was launched, mainly to introduce computers and computer science and to motivate girls to go to school for longer.

Since 2017, the Foundation has been active in 24 villages in the Tchaourou and Parakou-N’Dali Zones. The schools programme includes actions in 48 primary schools and 6 secondary schools and is coordinated by a Benin employee of the Foundation assisted by local trainees. There is close cooperation with the school boards, the local authorities, local NGOs and educational experts in the region.

The programme facilitates and finances awareness-raising projects on children’s health: school gardens, balanced nutrition, hygiene, first aid, wells, toilets, and sports facilities.

In every school, the ‘Filles Ambasadrices de Nutrition‘ (FAN) (Nutritional Ambassador Girls) play a key role in raising awareness about balanced nutrition, both among their classmates and at their homes and neighbourhoods.